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Dennis P. Levin

Early in life, I wanted to go into marketing but was guided instead into the field of law. As it turns out, legal work was a great way of putting my natural skills and interests to use in a way that really helps other people.

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Practice Areas

my mission is to protect my clients from injustice and help them get a fresh start.

Family Law

Legal concerns involving family are never easy. I offer compassionate, effective representation on matters pertaining to divorce, domestic violence, paternity, and more.


I strive to guide my clients through divorces as efficiently as possible. This can save them money and alleviate some of the emotional upheaval that comes with the divorce process.

Child Custody

There are many different child custody arrangements to choose from. Part of my job is helping you find the arrangement that makes the most sense for you and your family.


Television tends to depict divorces as a series of screaming matches, but that certainly doesn’t have to be the case. Consider a more amicable separation through mediation.


Like mediation, dissolution is a more peaceful and cost-effective manner of separating. Together, both sides outline the terms of their agreement, then file a joint petition.

Criminal Defense

Conspiracy, drug crimes, theft crimes, misdemeanors, felonies — I’ve handled these types of criminal charges and more. If you’re facing a charge, call today.

Federal Crimes

Being accused of a federal crime is a very serious matter. With the right legal representation, though, the outcome of your case can often be greatly improved.

State Crimes

In Ohio, state crimes can range anywhere from OVIs to murder. No matter where your charge falls along this spectrum, you want a knowledgeable criminal lawyer.

"Getting through judges, juries, and the opposing counsel is all about painting the right picture. fortunately, i'm a natural-born storyteller."

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved telling stories. In childhood, this interest drew me toward English classes. As a young adult, it guided me all the way through a degree in marketing. And today, it makes its way into both my profession and my creative writing. I’ve always viewed storytelling as a way to connect with other people, and it has proven useful time and time again in my work.

As my passion for communication progressed over time, I started to really see the subtleties of human interaction. I began to recognize when a message was getting through to someone, when it wasn’t, and how to adjust accordingly. Today, I use that knowledge to determine when it’s time to approach the negotiations table and when it’s time to get more aggressive with litigation. No matter the setting, though, I work to make my clients’ stories heard.

Legal disputes never feel fair.

The most important thing you can do for your cause is share your truth. For my part, I'll push to make that truth heard. In or out of the courtroom, I fight for what's fair.

Working to protect your rights, your well-being, and your wallet

To save you from unnecessary stress, I strive to offer efficient, cost-effective solutions.

Criminal Defense

One of my favorite parts of my job is defending clients from criminal charges. The work is challenging, it requires vivid narration, and reaching a successful outcome means changing my client’s life — not to mention their family’s — for the better.

As a criminal defense attorney, my mission is to protect the rights of those who are innocent or who have simply made a mistake. I fight for these people because I believe they deserve to have a true advocate on their side. I search for cost-effective solutions for them because I don’t want their legal burdens to weigh heavily on their loved ones.

Family Law

From the outside perspective, family law cases don’t appear to have much variety. A married couple separates, visitation rights are determined, spousal support is assigned — the list goes on.

But in truth, no matter how similar two family law cases may appear, that doesn’t make the gravity of each one any less impactful for the people involved. Divorces, custody battles, domestic violence matters — these are difficult and painful experiences. That’s why I do what I can to make them easier on my clients, both financially and emotionally. For instance, I avoid taking cases to trial unnecessarily, I offer amicable solutions where I can, and I always offer my empathy, wisdom, and support.

Case Results

Put my history of success on your side.

Rape Case

Mr. Levin represented a defendant who was wrongfully charged with raping his minor daughter. The defendant was facing a mandatory life sentence in prison if he was convicted.

Through masterful cross-examination of the State’s witnesses, including several expert witnesses, Mr. Levin exposed the flaws in the accusations and the result a a fining of “NOT GUILTY” as to all charges.

Not Guilty Verdict

Federal Conspiracy to Sell Drugs

Mr. Levin’s client was charged as a participant in a Federal cocaine dealing conspiracy. Although the three other alleged co-conspirators agreed to enter pleas of guilty to federal drug charges and serve significantly long prison sentences, Mr. Levin went to trial with his client which resulted in a jury verdict of “NOT GULTY” as to all charges.

Not Guilty Verdict


Client had been represented by two prior counsels and had been unable to get her divorce case resolved. She hired Mr. Levin and, within 30 days the case was resolved to the client’s total satisfaction.

Case Resolved