Criminal Defense

Rape Case

Not Guilty Verdict

Mr. Levin represented a defendant who was wrongfully charged with raping his minor daughter. The defendant was facing a mandatory life sentence in prison if he was convicted.

Through masterful cross-examination of the State’s witnesses, including several expert witnesses, Mr. Levin exposed the flaws in the accusations and the result a finding of “NOT GUILTY” as to all charges.


Successful Reduction of Charge

Foreign national who had applied for U.S. citizenship was charged with O.V.I. while his citizenship application was still pending. An O.V.I. conviction could have potentially resulted in the denial of the client’s request for citizenship.

After extensive negotiations, Mr. Levin was able to convince the State of Ohio to reduce the charge to reckless operation with no alcohol allegations which charge would not interfere with the application for citizenship.

Federal Conspiracy to Sell Drugs

Not Guilty Verdict

Mr. Levin’s client was charged as a participant in a Federal cocaine dealing conspiracy. Although the three other alleged co-conspirators agreed to enter pleas of guilty to federal drug charges and serve significantly long prison sentences, Mr. Levin went to trial with his client which resulted in a jury verdict of “NOT GULTY” as to all charges.


Not Guilty Verdict

Mr. Levin’s client owned an auto repair garage and had contracted with the local police department to do maintenance work on their police cruisers. After some time members of the police department believed the the client was defrauding them by charging the department for work that wasn’t being done and new parts that weren’t actually being replaced by the defendant.

The police set up a “sting” operation which resulted in the client being charged with numerous felony theft offenses. Mr. Levin took the case to trial and the jury returned verdicts of “NOT GUILTY” as to all counts.


Parental Kidnapping

Custody Obtained

Wife left the United States with the parties’ three children and moved to Mexico without the permission of Husband. Representing the Husband, Mr. Levin was able to locate the Wife and children and, through appropriate legal means, was able to have the children returned to the Cleveland, Ohio area where he obtained custody for the Husband.


Case Resolved

Client had been represented by two prior counsels and had been unable to get her divorce case resolved. She hired Mr. Levin and, within 30 days the case was resolved to the client’s total satisfaction.


Sole Custody Obtained

Mr. Levin represented the father of a set of infant triplets. He was able to obtain sole custody of the triplets for his client.