OVI (Drunk Driving) Attorney in Cleveland, Ohio

Assistance from a Cleveland Criminal Defense Lawyer

In the State of Ohio, individuals can be charged with Operating a Vehicle Under the Influence (OVI) if they drive a motor vehicle while intoxicated. Many people mistakenly believe that such charges are not very serious. However, the reality is that a conviction can result in numerous severe penalties, including expensive fines, loss of freedom, loss of driving privileges, and even the installation of an interlock ignition device in your vehicle.

Remember, the legal blood alcohol limit is .08% for those over the age of 21, .02% for those under the age of 21, and .04% for operators of commercial vehicles. A BAC over these limits can come with severe penalties.

Extensive Negotiation & Courtroom Trial Experience

Whether this is your first time being charged with OVI, or you have been charged in the past, you are entitled to have a dedicated lawyer on your side. Our Cleveland criminal defense attorney at The Law Offices of Dennis P. Levin has extensive courtroom and trial experience involving a wide range of OVI cases, and is well-prepared to fight for your rights and best interests through negotiations, courtroom trials, and any other means necessary.

Law enforcement officials are prone to making mistakes and may even neglect your rights as they seek to make an arrest and bring charges against you. At our firm, we are dedicated to holding them accountable if this occurs.

Some of the actions that we can take to strengthen your defense include:

  • Conducting a review of the manner and techniques police used to conduct field sobriety and breathalyzer tests
  • Asking whether or not police had a valid legal reason to pull your vehicle over in the first place
  • Thoroughly reviewing audio and videotapes involving the arrest
  • Visiting the scene of the arrest, when appropriate

Proactively Attacking Accusations Against Our Clients

With a thorough knowledge of the law and proper procedures, our Cleveland criminal defense lawyer is able to effectively and proactively attack OVI accusations brought against our clients. If you have found yourself arrested and charged, act now and let us start building an aggressive defense on your behalf.